Why do I shoot Artistic Nude photography.


A lot of people ask me why do I shoot nudes. It's not a simple thing to answer but I will try. I feel it it necessary for me to do this as so many people have the wrong perception of photographers that shoot primarily nudes. It is not for the exploitation of the model nor is it for any other purpose than to lift up that which is the beauty of the human form. All models that you find on this page were shot of their own free will, some of them actually only shoot nudes as they have become very comfortable with their body and who they are.

Nude versus Naked
First, let's look at the two words. In America, the two words are mistakenly used interchangeably. Although the literalcy of the words represent a person who is unclothed there are subtle, yet very important, differences in the two.

Sir Kenneth Clark, in his study of nudity and nakedness in art, established the principal defintions of the two. "Naked", he stated, describes a state of being without clothes; nudity, by contrast, is a category of artistic representation. The former "implies some sort of embarrassment" most people feel from being deprived of clothes, but the lateer "carries no undcomfortable overtone. The vague image it projects into the mind is not of a huddled and deffenseless body, but of a balanced, prosperous and confident body: the body re-formed."

By such definitions, "Nude" is a state of being (either physically, psychologically or both) confident whereas "Naked" is a state of being the opposite, vulnerable (afraid, uncovered, uncomfortable, defenseless...). Speaking to the differences of them has long been a debate of desention as the Western world has come to find most natural form, whether nude or naked, to be more unacceptable than the rest of the world.

With that being said, it is also very possible to be both in art. Many depictions seen in everyday situations are both at the same time, but because the subjects or clothed are more acceptable. Even when the subject is not clothed, in certain circles, it is still more readily accepted than in photographic form. By this I mean that it is more acceptable for a person to be a life model or an art model for a sculpter or painter than it is for the same image to be created by a photographer.

Art versus Pornography
This defintion I will keep succinct. By definition, if the image is created in a manner thats purpose is to create sexual overtone, shows congress of any form or is lewd and lacvisous in it's display of the human form (genitalia) it is then considered as a pornographic. Adult images, on the otherhand, need not show congress but would imply the sexual overtone, violence or deprecation of others. Although, all adult images are not pornography all pornography is adult by law.

Art images are those created to exhibit the beauty of form, the definition of anatomical figures and to give homage to the body in the moment. Art, by most will always be considered tasteful but by it's dejectors profane. The David, the Sisteen Chaple, Van Gogh "Nude Woman Laying" are all artworks that have been subjected to the relative mindstates of the ages.

Why I shoot Nudes
I shoot nudes as my way to give homage to the human form. My images show the subject in artistic lights, editorial or "everyday" situations, or as studies of the form. I primarily shoot female nudes, not for any other reason than I've had less trouble locating female subjects. The human form is the most perfect piece of art ever created and should be looked at as such. I hope that through my art those that have issues with their body could learn that no one body is perfect, yet every body is perfect in it's own way.

I love the artform of photography, if I could draw then I would draw or paint the human form but since I can't I photograph.